Why Choose Us?

“We would highly recommend The Law Office of Boris Siegel to anyone in need of a professional Probate Attorney. The expertise and compassion we received was immeasurable.”
-Linda L.

Unlike many large firms, we can afford to provide you with the personalized attention your case needs. We bring together an integrated legal approach that blends specialized knowledge of the law with years of litigation experience. We do not divide responsibilities between litigators and transactional specialists.

We actually think about our cases and develop a litigation strategy designed to put your case in the best possible litigation position. Each case is given arduous legal analysis from many different angles to develop the best strategy and result.

We are extremely persistent, some might say dogged, in advocating our client’s cases. We do not shy away from a fight and call the facts and law as we see them. We maintain the highest ethical standards at all times. We do not believe that the first defense of a good lawyer is simply to attack the opposing counsel like so many others in our profession.

Lawsuits involve two sides to a dispute. Sometimes any given case may not have a great chance of success at trial. Our attorneys are trained to quickly spot issues, case strengths and weaknesses. If we perceive that a case is unlikely to prevail at trial, we will tell you unpleasant facts honestly and then attempt to obtain the best possible settlement for you as soon as possible.

We are creative problem-solvers. If there is a way to find a favorable solution to your case, we will keep looking for it.

We do not have billing requirements like many other firms. The billable hour requirements at larger firms tend to prolong cases needlessly in order to generate fees. We get to case resolution as soon as the case permits.

Our firm’s motto is, “VALUE . RESULTS”. We strongly believe that our litigation record supports this mission statement.

We sincerely thank you for considering us and look forward to working with you to solve your legal problems.