Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation involves a broad range of legal issues other than criminal and family law. We will be happy to assist you with your business and real property litigation needs. The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants. It handles both fraud and general negligence matters.

Conservatorships & Guardianships

Under certain circumstances, the probate code will allow persons to be appointed as conservators or guardians for other persons who need help in managing their day-to-day affairs. A conservator may be appointed over the person (health care, medications, living arrangements, visitation) or over the estate (financial management). Conservators may be temporary or permanent.
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Estate Planning

Estate planning involves issues of wealth preservation and management, control over one's personal affairs during the last stages of life, and disposition of one's property at time of death. Without a will or trust, the State of California will decide who gets your property under its intestacy laws. A proper estate plan includes the naming of a person or entity as Executor who will carry out the testator's testamentary wishes.
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Probate & Trust Administrations

Not every estate or trust has problems requiring litigation. Our firm can assist you with the process of probating a loved one' s will or administering their trust estate. This process may involve: administering creditor's claims, the preparation of accountings, inventories and appraisals; preparation of distribution orders; negotiating with counsel retained by beneficiaries; providing appropriate statutory notifications; determining funding allocations between various sub-trusts; preparation of the Form 706 (federal estate tax return) and advising trustees and executors how best to proceed in order to avoid litigation.
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Probate Litigation

In addition to the typical will and trust contests oft en experienced, probate litigation may involve improper execution of testamentary instruments, disputes over powers of attorney (creation and exercise), financial and physical elder abuse, multiple ownership of bank accounts; community property issues, and ancillary real and personal property disputes associated with management of the decedent's personal affairs during his or her lifetime.
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Trust Litigation

The grounds for a trust contest are similar to those of a will contest as noted in the section on will contests. However, the dispositive testamentary instrument at issue is a revocable living trust instead of a will. Trust contests come in many varieties. Sometimes there is an eve of death amendment.
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Will Contest

Will contests usually entail some element of undue influence or lack of capacity. Undue influence exists when some person exerts such a degree of undue influence over another's affairs that the undue influencer's will overcomes the will of the other person. This is usually seen where a purported caregiver or relative takes over the affairs of an elder.
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